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These are a collection of my most recommended products, so I've put them in one place to make it easier!


Nano-hydroxyapetite, non-toxic toothpaste


Oral Adhering Discs, Slightly Sweet with Xylitol, For Dry Mouth, Stimulates Saliva, Non-Acidic, Day and Night Use, Time Release for up to 8 Hours


Cake batter flavored, nano-hydroxyapetite toothpaste, vegan, gluten free


Download and print this chore chart to help establish a reward system for brushing, flossing, myofunctional therapy exercises or morning/evening routines. You get to decide the rewards with your kids after tasks are completed. (I like to print and laminate to use a dry erase marker and re-use!)


Professional grade sonic toothbrush with clinically proven results to improve gum health. Use code DSMG2X at checkout!

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